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tamekaalice asked: btw are you from MA? or just went to Northeastern?!

I’m not from MA. I just went to Northeastern. I was actually born in DC and raised in MD, so going back to Howard was like coming back home in a way. I even graduated from Howard University’s Early Learning Center when I was five for Kindergarten : )

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tamekaalice asked: I just transferred to Howard this spring, it was a big change. My GPA right now after my first semester at Howard is a 2.5. I got two D's and two A's and a B. I had a personally issue so I was out of school for a almost two weeks. SHould I take the classes over [psychology and math] or continue on? I wanted to graduate with some kind of sash but if you repeat classes you can't graduate with honors. I'm stuck. and is it possible to even graduate with a D?

Yes, transferring is a BIG CHANGE. At least you made it through your first semester!

To your question:

I can’t say for sure. That’s a conversation best had with an academic advisor. In the School of Communications, at least, you probably can’t graduate with honors if you have a “D” in any of your major courses. But, I could be wrong. I wish I could better answer your question. Just keep pushing and back focused in the Fall to make up for it. 

I know people who slipped up freshman year and graduated with honors, but again for you it will depend if you got a “D” in any of your major courses. 

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magicofeuphoria asked: I plan on applying to Howard in a couple of months for the fall of 2014. Do you have any advice for me, or anything I need to know? GPA, SAT, anything?

Well, I could write a book with advice, or a blog. Luckily, I did the latter. Check out some of my older posts. They are full of advice about applications, housing, etc. I’m not sure if you are applying as a Freshman or Transfer, so hopefully the links below can help. 

Advice for high school students:

Advice for transfer students:

Best of luck on your application!

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The Next Chapter

My three years at Howard University have been nothing short of AMAZING and eye-opening. I learned so much about myself during this roller coaster commonly known as the college experience. I remember my first post on this Tumblr site. I was super sad that I was spending my birthday at a new school away from my friends and family. Three years later I have made new friends and am a proud member of the Bison family.





It feels so WONDERFUL to be on the other side. I finished! I’m done with college!


So, what’s next for me? I got the dream job, y’all and I’m moving to Chicago! That being said, this will be my LAST POST for this Tumblr site. I want you all to follow my next chapter at

My new website will launch in June 2013!!!

I want to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me and Transfer Diaries over the last three years. Thank you for reading my rants, asking me questions, liking my posts. Thank you for everything! It is always amazing to meet people who read Transfer Diaries in real life. I’m still surprised when people recognize me on campus. It is awesome that a blog that started out as a way for me to vent became helpful to others. I LOVE ALL OF YOU. ALL CAPS SO YOU KNOW IT’S REAL.

So, please, please, please follow my new website when it launches in June, so we can continue our friendship. I figured a new chapter deserves a new website.

I will not shut down Transfer Diaries. I just won’t be writing new posts anymore. I will keep it up for Potential Bisons that want to look up my old posts. I will visit this page from time to time to answer any questions that people submit, but again I’ve made a new home online and can’t wait to invite you all to my web house warming party.

Until then, feel free to follow me:

Twitter -

Instagram -

Pinterest -

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Google Plus -

So, again…thank you for rocking with me and Transfer Diaries.


Yours Truly,


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bonjourau-revoir asked: Hello! I was accepted into Howard (as a freshman '17 student), but they gave me all loans so I decided to enroll into a state school. I am planning on applying & transferring to HU, but idk if I should after 1 year, or just a semester, at the state school. I REALLY want to go to HU ASAP, but I want to ensure they can receive more grades, and thus, give me more $$. Do you think transferring after 1 year is better than a semester? Also, do you think changing my major to Undeclared helps w/ creds?

Congrats on the acceptance! I can totally relate to the financial issues that college brings. 

Going to a state school may not be so bad. You may end up loving it after your first year, but this isn’t what you want to hear, is it?

This is what you want to know:

In order to transfer to Howard you must have 15 transferrable credits.

So, let’s keep it real. Most likely that’s not going to happen after a semester in college or even one year unless you have a lot of AP credit from high school. I would advise you to work super hard during Freshman year and then try to transfer to Howard for the second semester of your Sophomore year, or complete Freshman and Sophomore year then transfer (this will depend on how many transferrable credits you receive.) Try to chose a major at your school comparable to a major at Howard, so that it will be easier to transfer credits. In fact, look at the curriculum for the major you want to pursue at Howard and try to take similar classes at your state school. The struggle for transfer credits is REAL. Also, be sure to save the course descriptions of every class you take at your state school so you can show them to your Howard advisor when you transfer. This makes it easier for you to fight for your credits. That being said, I would not advise you to be an Undeclared major unless you honestly don’t know what you want to study. That will not help with credits. I was able to transfer about 40 credits because I took communications classes at my old school and became a communications major at Howard, plus I had AP credit from high school. 

I think it is smart to transfer from a state school if the tuition is manageable. I met a lot of people who transferred to Howard from community colleges too, so that is another option. All that matters at the end of the day is that your diploma says “Howard University” on it. 

Again it is vital that you do amazing your first couple years or so at the state school so you can receive money from the “Transfer Scholarship Program.”

I didn’t get funding from the “Transfer Scholarship Program” when I enrolled into Howard, so I did have to take out a loan for my first year. However, I worked super hard to earn top grades so that I would earn scholarships for my last two years at Howard. After my first year I was on full scholarship. Howard is good at giving scholarships to students with very high grades. 

Be sure to save your pennies while you’re at the state school and don’t get caught up in the temptations of freshman year. Of course you should have plenty of fun, but also remember to stay focused on your goals.

Here’s a pro-tip: Always go to class. Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t matter. Teachers notice absent students. Showing up lets them know you are a serious student. 

Best of luck Future Bison!

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hiddenbeautiesoftheworld asked: Hello there :) I am transferring to Howard in the fall however Im worried about whether or not my credits are going to transfer ... did yours ?

Hello! Congrats and good question. It all depends on what major you were before and what major you plan to transfer to. I was a business major and a communications minor prior to transferring into Howard University’s School of Communications. I was able to transfer approximately 40 credits. The credits were a combination of communications credits from my prior minor, general electives, and AP credit from high school. 

Fight for every credit you can get. Here’s a pro tip for getting your credits:

Howard wants to know that the classes you have taken are comparable to their courses. Make a list of every college-level class you have taken (and, what to transfer) and write the course descriptions from your school’s official website below each course. This will help you when you meet with advisors to discuss credits because they will be able to compare to Howard courses right quicker. It takes out some work for them and helps you prove your case. 

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Today’s tragedy really hit home for me because Boston is where I started my college career. The city will always hold a special place in my heart.  Thank God my friends at Northeastern University are safe. My prayers go out to all who were affected. 
If you are looking for a loved one in Boston, or would like some more information about the Boston Marathon Explosions, please check out Google’s Person Finder. 
Love and Light,

Today’s tragedy really hit home for me because Boston is where I started my college career. The city will always hold a special place in my heart.  Thank God my friends at Northeastern University are safe. My prayers go out to all who were affected. 

If you are looking for a loved one in Boston, or would like some more information about the Boston Marathon Explosions, please check out Google’s Person Finder

Love and Light,


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pavewalker asked: I am transferring to Howard in the fall! How was the transition? I am going from a PWI as well. What dorm should I stay in?

Congrats! The transition of course is a culture shock at first. I grew up in a fairly diverse suburban area and then started off in college in a fairly diverse university. So, to go from that to a place where black people represent the majority was a shift for me, but still the best decision I’ve ever made. I wish I could give you advice about the dorms, but I’ve never stayed on campus. I tried, but getting housing is super difficult at Howard. Good news is that they are building new dorms, bad news is that I have no idea when those projects will be completed. I’d say try to stay in the “Towers” off Georgia Ave because it’s close to campus. A lot of people like Meridian, but that’s on 15th street and I’ve seen students get frustrated when the shuttle doesn’t come in time for them to get to class. A good amount of students also live in UTC which is an apartment complex in Hyattsville, MD. UTC provides a shuttle to campus, but not very often and remember it’s in Maryland, not DC. If you can’t find housing try I found my place there and have stayed in the same house for the last three years. In fact, if housing doesn’t work out, contact me because there will be some available rooms at my house since a few of us are graduating in May.